How to Lubricate Car Door Locks

How to Lubricate Car Door Locks

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Caring for the car door locks is an essential part of car maintenance because they are susceptible to various problems, including jamming and rusting. It should be noted that security door locks for cars are perhaps the most neglected part of the vehicle, since they don’t present a substantial cleaning surface. If your lock doesn’t work well, it pays to lubricate or clean the lock first before attempting lock repair.How to Lubricate Car Door Locks

Cleaning Is Vital

Before lubricating, cleaning the car lock is crucial to ensure that grime and debris are not deeply impacted within the lock. To access its inner part, wrap a dry cloth around the screwdriver’s tip. While moving it in a circular manner, insert the car lock slowly, and then pour small drops of rust-removing solution on the soft cloth, and repeat the process thrice. During cold climates,it is recommended to dry the lock with a hair dryer to ensure that crystals within the locking mechanism are removed.

Use Silicone Lubricants

For car locks, a silicone spray lubricant is best suited for the job.Just make sure to buy a lubricant with a spray straw to lubricate the deep parts of the locking system. Furthermore, silicon lubricants are impermeable to water and stick to the surface for a longer period of time. Within the keyhole, position the spray straw of the silicone lubricant.Constantly push the spray straw until it sticks. In short blasts, start spraying the lubricant. Insert the key in the door lock and move it around. Do this many times to ensure that the lubricant is smeared properly.

Ensure Better Lubrication

After lubricating, wipe the car lock because the lubricant should not be left on the car’s surface for a long period of time. After this, apply anti-rusting solution. For this purpose, a graphite spray is ideal. To apply graphite lubricant and anti-rust spray solutions, the application procedure is similar to the one explained above. However, don’t insert the straw too far. You should finish this project by spraying silicone lubricant on a small weather stripping to prevent the door lock from freezing.

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